Advertising Opportunities On !

Advertising on is a great way to reach your targeted audience in Maryland! People visiting our calendar are looking for something to do or to get details on an event -- and that is exactly when you want them to see your ad. Great for specific events, event management companies, venue owners, or anyone with anything connected to the topic of the calendar.

Our rates are kept low to enable anyone to advertise! With a minimum purchase of only $25.00 for 25,000 exposures and the right to change ad content as often as you wish, you can advertise specific events or go for a more general audience with a "Great Place To Visit" approach - it's up to you!

Details of our ad program are below. To start your ad campaign or to discuss your plans just drop us a note at or call us at 410-821-1374.

Ad Program Details


Our ad rates are based on exposures of your ad at the rate of $1.00 per thousand exposures with a 25,000 exposure ($25.00) minimum.


You are responsible for producing your own graphics. Your banner advertisement must not exceed 780 pixels wide by 80 pixels high. It may be smaller, however we do not recommend that it be less than 60 pixels high. If you have a border around the image it must fit within the 780 x 80 maximum size. Several example ads are shown below.

Graphics should be in jpg or gif format and may be emailed as attachments to:

Clickable Ads:

Your banner ad can be made click-through, routing to the web site of your choice. There is no additional charge for having your ad clickable, simply include the click-through URL when you send us the ad. Most of our advertisers make use of this option.

Calendar Targeting:

Your ad may be targeted to specific calendars. For example, your ad may be set to appear on only the Entertainment and Fairs, Festivals & Shows Calendars and will not appear on any others. This keeps your ad in front of your target audience without wasting exposures on calendars that are not likely to help promote your event.

Content Limitations and Ad Acceptance: accepts advertisments for most businesses, events and groups, including political organizations. However, offensive banners will not be accepted, nor will advertisements for adult web sites or ads with adult content on the face of the ad. reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason at any time at its sole discretion. If we reject your ad after your payment has been received we will refund your payment in full. We will be happy to review a proposed advertisement in advance, simply email it to us at with a note requesting review and an acceptability determination. We will be happy to review the ad and let you know.


We bill in advance according to how many thousand exposures you wish to purchase. Bills are due when rendered and receipt of your payment will start your ad run (unless other specific scheduling arrangements are made).

Ad Graphic Substitution:

You may substitute one banner for another at any time. Mail the new graphic to us at with instructions as to when you wish the change to take place. If your desired change is either short notice or you want to change at a specific or an odd time (3:00 AM for example) please work that out with us in advance.

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